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Please call us at our sales line 785-383-4217 for shipping questions.

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1. We ship to the USA only.

2. We usually ship packages via UPS or FedEx Ground.

3. The shipping quote provided by our website is normally accurate. If for some reason the actual shipping is more than quoted we will contact you. If you are in Alaska or Hawaii , Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam, we will not ship ammo due to Hazmat restrictions.

4. Many items are listed as shipping from an alternate warehouse. These items are not available in our Prescott showroom. Items on your order may ship from different locations and arrive in separate packages with separate invoices.

5. Firearms ONLY ship to an FFL holder. If you do not have an FFL (Federal Firearms License) then you must find one in your area to do the transfer for you, and you must enter their address as the shipping address on your order.

6. Due to FedEx and UPS requirements, handguns ship separately from ammunition via 2 day delivery. Overnight shipping is available if you call in your order.

7. If you wish to have an item shipped via Fedex, US Mail or are in a US Territory, please call for a quote. We prefer not to ship via US Mail for insurance purposes.

8. Tracking numbers are usually emailed to you within a day of your item shipping, unless you order a firearm, then the tracking number is sometimes sent to the FFL dealer. UPS should make three delivery attempts, if after three different attempts, you fail to take delivery of the ammunition it will be returned to J&G. After it is returned to us you are still responsible for all shipping charges and often a credit card processing fee.

9. Shipping will not calculate if your order is over 2000lbs, please call.

10. J&G Sales is located in Arizona. Purchases made in Arizona or shipments within Arizona have 9.1% added unless an exemption is on file. Other states may have sales tax added as well per local laws.



California – Ammo only to an FFL dealers, Ammo Vendor License holders, or C&R 03 holders with COE also. No tracer or incendiary ammo.

Massachusetts, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York State – ammo only to dealer FFLs.

Los Angeles CA, Chicago & Cook County IL – ammo only to dealer FFLs.

New York State – ammo only to dealer FFLs or State Keeper of Ammo permit holders.

Massachusetts and Wash. DC – no ammo deliveries.

Illinois – FOID card must be on file for ammo deliveries.

New Jersey – FPID card must be on file for handgun ammo deliveries.

Connecticut – ammo only to dealer FFLs or State Permit holders.


California, Cook County IL, Maryland, and Wash. DC – no mags over 10rd capacity.

Chicago – no mags over 15rd capacity.

Connecticut – no mags at all except to permit holders, limit 10rds with a permit.

Massachusetts – no mags over 10rd capacity, unless a Class A High Cap permit or 01 FFL is on file.

Hawaii – no handgun mags over 10rd capacity

Colorado – no mags over 15rd capacity. No shotguns mags or shotguns with mag tubes over 8rd capacity.

New Jersey – no mags over 15rd capacity.

New York – no mags over 10rds.

Vermont – no long gun mags over 10rds, no handgun mags over 15rds, except in C&R firearms.


California – Handguns must be approved by CA DOJ (except C&Rs). No assault rifles. C&R handguns sent only to 01 FFLs. C&R holders must also send a COE to receive rifles.

Connecticut – No assault rifles or semi auto shotguns with detachable mag.

Massachusetts – Handguns made after 1997 must be approved by MA DOJ. C&R handguns are sent to 01 FFL dealers only. No assault rifles.

Maryland – Handguns made after 1984 must be approved by MD DOJ. Fired case required with new handguns. No assault rifles. No assault pistols. No folding pistol grip shotguns.

New York – C&R handguns are sent to 01 FFL dealers only. No assault rifles. No assault pistols, or pistol version of rifles. In NYC airguns to 01 FFLs only.

New Jersey – C&R handguns are sent to 01 FFL dealers only, No assault rifles. Airguns to 01 FFLs only.

Illinois – FOID card for the customer, dealer, or C&R holder must be on file.

Oregon – All firearms must be sent to 01 FFL dealers only, not 03 C&R holders, including C&R firearms.

Wash DC – no firearms.

NOTE: “Melting Point” laws in Hawaii, Minnesota, Massachusetts, and Illinois may prohibit some guns, it is your responsibility to check local laws before ordering to make sure you can receive your firearm.


Connecticut – No body armor plates, either soft or hard.

All other states – Body armor ok to adults without criminal history.


1. The billing address entered when completing your order MUST MATCH EXACTLY the billing address for the credit card you are using (the address where you get your credit card bill). If it does not, your order will be delayed, or could be cancelled in some cases. We reserve the right to require any order to ship to the confirmed billing address only at our discretion.

2. If you do not want the order sent to this address, then please specify a different shipping address.

3. For ammo orders an adult over 21 must be present at the ship to address to sign for the package.


1. Legally, when an individual wants to buy a gun through the mail they must have it shipped to a Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder. However if you do not have an FFL you can still order online.

2. First, find a local gun store or other FFL holder in your area and get their permission to have a gun shipped to them from J&G. Most dealers will do a transfer for you for a small fee.

3. Second, have them send us a signed in ink, legible, copy of their Dealer FFL by mail, email, or fax. (C&R licenses can be mailed, or are also accepted via email or fax if a copy of the driver’s license is included with matching name.) Please include the phone number and contact name. An FFL only needs to send this once as it is kept on file until it expires.

4. Third, once we have the FFL on file, you can order online, being sure to enter the FFL’s info in the space for shipping address, and your info in the space for billing address.

5. We can then ship to the dealer’s place of business and you can pick up your gun from them meeting all local, state, and federal laws.

6. If you order and we have no FFL on file, we will email you back explaining that you need an FFL, causing your order to be delayed. All items are subject to prior sale.

7. If you are concerned about quantity running out, or reserving a one-of-a-kind item, then you would need to call us. You can use a credit card to reserve an item immediately, we will charge your card and hold it for a limited time while you arrange to have an FFL transfer dealer send their license as soon as possible. We will not hold an item indefinitely


1. Ammunition deliveries must be signed for by an adult 21 yrs or older (Those 18-20 yrs old can order rifle or shotgun ammo with the understanding that someone over 21 must receive and sign for it). There must be no local, state, or federal laws prohibiting the receipt or possession of ammunition by the buyer.

2. We mostly ship via UPS and FedEx.

3. We cannot ship ammunition overnight.

4. We cannot ship ammunition to Hawaii and Alaska except via a freight forwarder.


1. We can special order many types of firearms, and many Federal ammunition loads that are not in stock.

2. Special order firearms, ammo, or items need to be prepaid. We will charge your card in full in advance when we order the gun or ammo from the manufacturer or supplier.

3. Cancellation of a special ordered item is subject to a credit card processing fee. There are no refunds of special ordered items, if defective, there can be exchange only.

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